Every little kid wants to be a Fireman, Policeman, Nurse, Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer or something similar when they grow up.  I don't believe I ever heard any young child tell me that they wanted to grow up to be a Realtor when I was teaching school.  Yes I used to be a school teacher.  I wasn't just any teacher I taught Special Education for 14 years.

Most of the individuals that end up in the Real Estate Profession didn't start out with that as a career path.  Myself, I got there by accident.  I had a friend that had a very good job with Hewlett Packard that gave me a call one day.  I'm quitting my job.  I told him he had a great job, he couldn't quit his job.  He in fact hated his job.  I didn't think he could hate it that much, it really was a great job.  I asked him what he was going to do?  I've researched it he commented and Real Estate is the job of the future.

Bill was an engineer type (not to stereotype anyone) and I could imagine the research that he had done.   I pictured books, magazines, articles all about the Real Estate profession scattered and stacked all over his office.  He was a very thorough fella.  Yes, for the next ten years it's the profession to be in.  I have another friend that says the best way to be successful is to stand in the way of success.  It seemed Bill had the formula.

My next question was "How do you get your Real Estate License"?  You have to remember that I've been in the business for a while now so the rules and the requirements have changed since then.  Back in ought six as we used to say it was simpler.  Bill was going to Front Range Community college to get his license.  My wife and I just happened to be driving past Front Range Community College twice a day on our way to and from teaching.  Yes, classes are from 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM four days a week.  Just happened that we went by the school about 6:00 PM every day.

Bill told me that there were three classes that were involved.  How much is the tuition?  Bill said that the tuition was $300.00.  Being a college graduate $300.00 per class seemed like a bargain to me.  No he insisted it is $300.00 for all three classes.  Wow we just went from a really good deal to almost free.  How much are the books?  I was astonished with the reply of $20.00.  Wow, $20.00 for each class, my last Managerial Accounting Textbook was $175.00 so the $20.00 seemed like a gift.  No it was just $20.00 for all three classes.  How could any red blooded entrepreneur pass on a deal like that?  I told Bill to sign me up and I would go to classes with him.

He was so excited we were going to school together.  Then I received the call from him letting me know that we couldn't go.  The classes were full.  I thought he had been to college before and I told him the classes are never full, he just needed to talk to the instructor.  He gave me the instructors name.  I tracked Jim Brown down and he commented that this happens every semester.  The class is never full.  He signed our admission cards and we were in!  Bill was so excited, he couldn't believe that we got into the classes.

Making this already too long  of a story shorter - I got into the business by accident.  This has been an amazing career.  Very few people look at it as a career but those that do see it that way have been very successful.