John Ramey was a good friend.  We lost him a couple of years ago, but John was truly the essence of Estes Park.  John was a trader and a true entrepreneur.  John owned among other things  the lot where the star is located in the picture below.

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John Ramey's Star

It is always comforting around Christmas time to see the “Star” and the figure Jesus looking down on Estes Park, almost as if protecting our little community.  Jesus is currently in need of some serious repairs.  You will have to pay attention for the plans for the new uplifting changes in Estes for the Jesus theme.    Estes Park is a special place with special people, special memories and a feeling that you can not get anywhere else that I’ve ever been.  

If you visit Estes Park you understand and if you live here - you will live longer I am sure. What a very special place.

Merry Christmas and may God bless your family as much as he has blessed ours –